Network Attached Storage systems

Almost all computer users will at some time or other run out of storage space on their hard drive. Companies who have many users, have networks to allow sharing of information, and common storage areas for ease of backup and administation - but with the daily increase in the amount of data each user will generate, network administrators find themselves continuously battling to add more storage to their infrastructure. This would have previously involved taking a server offline, stripping it down and adding more disk drives. This is not an ideal situation as it disrupts network traffic, risks server integrity and results in "many eggs - one basket" strategies.

The better solution is to "bolt-on" extra external storage modules as and when you need them. Stand alone units which only require power and a network connection to operate - Network Attached Storage, or NAS as its often known.



As a relative newcomer to the marketplace, EcoByte strives to make the highest capacity and performance products available at the most affordable prices.

From as little as 400Gbytes to a massive 18Tbytes in a single unit, we can tailor the capacity and performance to suit everyone from the personal users, through the Small-Office / Home-Office users (SOHO), to large corporate enterprise users.




".. the worlds first network appliance combining ..."

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