Enterprise WD Caviar RE

The Caviar RE drive is designed with Enterprise Server Storage in mind. Designed and manufactured for always-on, high duty cycle RAID system environments, the Caviar RE features these key benefits:

Key Features:

  • Time-limited Error Recovery (TLER).
    Optimized firmware that prevents drive fallout caused by recovery read error process. Put simply, a normal desktop drive will attempt to recover a bad block or read error for up-to 60 seconds, or longer, before reporting to the host the data is unavailable. During this time, a RAID controller will assume the drive has failed due to lack of response – and take the drive off-line. Now, with TLER, the hard drive will respond within just a few seconds, within the margin the RAID controller will wait without taking the drive off-line. If the drive is able to recover data, great – if the drive is unable to recover data the RAID controller will mark the block as bad and recover the missing data from RAID parity regeneration.
  • Increased MTBF and MTTF.
    The Caviar RE is rated for 1 million MTBF/MTTF hours (mean time between failure and mean time to failure).
  • Decreased Power Levels.
    The Caviar RE draws less voltage, which can lead to cooler operation and longer life.
  • Increased performance.
    Using optimized settings designed for the smaller RAID stripe sizes, the performance can be increased.




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