The NAS-D4SX provides an entry level solution combining the latest enterprise Serial ATA (SATA) storage technology together with a tuned embedded storage server. Ideal for the small workgroup requiring up to 1.6TBytes of storage presented via its gigabit copper networking the NAS-D4SX also provides useful USB removable storage and USB printer server support via its two USB 2.0 hot-plug ports.
Low maintenance and administration costs together with flexible storage capacities and a desktop presentation ensure that the NAS-D2SX will find its place on your desk.
  • Performance - Delivered network bandwidth sustained of 10MB/s (peak 30MB/s)
  • Resilience - HotSwap front loading drive replacement, dedicated drive cooling
  • Integrity - RAID 0, 1 and 5 to protect your valuable data
  • Availability - High availability embedded storage appliance
  • Flexibility - 4 storage ports support 1, 2 or 4 drive units currently up to 500GB/port
  • Connectivity - Gigabit Copper Network Interface, Dual USB2.0 removable storage ports, USB2.0 printer support
  • Price - Low total cost of ownership - Low upfront investment - less than £1 per Gigabyte
  • Clients - Supports native NFS for Unix and SMB / CFS for Windows clients

Designed to operate close to your desktop the NAS-D2SX is quiet and unobtrusive yet packed with punch. Its small footprint minimises any real-estate loss whilst its impressive gigabit connectivity and storage performance have previously only been available in higher end storage products.

As a private mass storage system, a workstation backup solution, or a small workgroup storage server the ECOBYTE NAS effortlessly delivers transparency to all its clients enabling easy storage, sharing and information exchange.

Quailified with drives up to 750 GB

Ecobyte recommend WD Raid Edition and Seagate Near-Line drives throughout its product range


  • MicroTower 4 Bay hot-swap deskside storage unit.
  • Steel construction with high thermal performance, light weight aluminium
    drive carriers.
  • High performance drive cooling
  • 200W high reliability auto-sensing PSU
  • 8 x USB2.0 storage/printer ports
  • 2 x Gigabit over copper ethernet

Supports up to 750GB drives.

Drive capacities of over 1TB are supported for future proofing

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