Our new DVR

Pick and mix your video requirements for each individual job with our configurable DVR that can be upgraded in the field simply by adding a new code. Add extra channels, black box, overlay, streaming, integrity software compatibility or App to control our DVCi-R4K over twisted pair camera or Ethernet.

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Our new DVR

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In 2019 NETmc Marine introduced a new DVR, developed to replace all previous models including: the DVRi, DVRi HD, 73Fifty, 73Fifty Black Box, 73fifty Harvester, Tri-Ops, X-Ops, Four264 and Four263. The new DVR has been designed to be upgradeable in the field, with upgrades being purchased or rented, and supports the following video formats: standard definition composite video, HD-SDI, HDMI and RTSP. This gives the owner great flexibility and control of costs. As an example a client that uses the DVR for general use may one day have to perform an inspection with an integrity package, or our own E-inspect software, in this scenario the client can buy the basic DVR and then rent or buy an upgrade as and when required.

There are three chassis styles available: a 1U single channel DVR, a 4U multi-channel DVR, and a Ruggedised portable system.

The 1U box can be supplied with one of any of the supported formats, on top of that you can add Black Box, video overlay, clips, integrity software integration and, as of 2021, round-vessel-distribution; with each option being added together or separately. You can buy any of the options and upgrade the DVR by a soft code, or you can rent the options for a specific project.

The 4U box base configuration has a four channel SD CV input card, with a single channel activated and you can then buy or rent a code to upgrade to extra channels. The unit can also be supplied with combinations of HDMI, HD-SDI or RTSP inputs - giving multiple channels of which any four can be recorded. In addition to the options for the 1U box, the 4U unit can also be upgraded to a pipeline system - this is useful for interfacing to survey navigation software like EIVA NaviPac.

The Pelicase system can be customised to suit your needs and is suitable for harsh environments as found in the power sector or for building a portable diver camera / lamp control system.

Key Features

Available in three form factors

Supports SD-CV, HD-SDI,, HDMI and RTSP

Upgradeable in the field

Rent or buy upgrades for specific projects

Supports video streaming for vessel distribution